Vasiliki Kazantzi
Vasiliki Kazantzi
Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Thessaly
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Targeting material reuse via property integration
V Kazantzi, MM El-Halwagi
Chemical Engineering Progress 101 (8), 28-37, 2005
Surplus diagram and cascade analysis technique for targeting property-based material reuse network
DCY Foo, V Kazantzi, MM El-Halwagi, ZA Manan
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An algebraic approach to targeting waste discharge and impure fresh usage via material recycle/reuse networks
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Simultaneous process and molecular design through property clustering techniques: a visualization tool
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On the prediction of properties for diesel/biodiesel mixtures featuring new environmental considerations
K Kalogeras, S Bezergianni, V Kazantzi, PA Pilavachi
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 28, 973-978, 2010
Social Networking Websites and Their Effect in Contemporary Human Resource Management-A Research Approach
G Aspridis, V Kazantzi, D Kyriakou
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Productivity Enhancement Options in the Years of the Economic Crisis
N Aspridis, G., Kazantzi, V., Sdrolias, L., Mplanas
Procedia 148, 516 – 523, 2014
Mitigation of operational failures via an economic framework of reliability, availability, and maintainability (RAM) during conceptual design
A Al-Douri, V Kazantzi, FT Eljack, MS Mannan, MM El-Halwagi
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A process design approach to manage the uncertainty of industrial flaring during abnormal operations
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Process modification through visualization and inclusion techniques for property based integration
V Kazantzi, X Qin, F Gabriel, D Harell, MM El-Halwagi
Proceedings of the Sixth Foundations of Computer Aided Design (FOCAPD …, 2004
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