Marin Petrović
Marin Petrović
Institute of Physics, Zagreb // University of Duisburg-Essen
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The mechanism of caesium intercalation of graphene
M Petrović, IŠ Rakić, S Runte, C Busse, JT Sadowski, P Lazić, I Pletikosić, ...
Nature communications 4, 2772, 2013
Graphene on Ir (111) characterized by angle-resolved photoemission
M Kralj, I Pletikosić, M Petrović, P Pervan, M Milun, C Busse, T Michely, ...
Physical Review B 84 (7), 075427, 2011
The backside of graphene: manipulating adsorption by intercalation
S Schumacher, TO Wehling, P Lazić, S Runte, DF Förster, C Busse, ...
Nano letters 13 (11), 5013-5019, 2013
Trapping surface electrons on graphene layers and islands
D Niesner, T Fauster, JI Dadap, N Zaki, KR Knox, PC Yeh, R Bhandari, ...
Physical Review B 85 (8), 081402, 2012
Europium underneath graphene on Ir (111): Intercalation mechanism, magnetism, and band structure
S Schumacher, F Huttmann, M Petrović, C Witt, DF Förster, C Vo-Van, ...
Physical Review B 90 (23), 235437, 2014
Core level shifts of intercalated graphene
UA Schröder, M Petrović, T Gerber, AJ Martínez-Galera, E Grånäs, ...
2D Materials 4 (1), 015013, 2016
Confinement of Dirac electrons in graphene quantum dots
W Jolie, F Craes, M Petrović, N Atodiresei, V Caciuc, S Blügel, M Kralj, ...
Physical Review B 89 (15), 155435, 2014
Li adsorption versus graphene intercalation on Ir (111): From quenching to restoration of the Ir surface state
P Pervan, P Lazić, M Petrović, IŠ Rakić, I Pletikosić, M Kralj, M Milun, ...
Physical Review B 92 (24), 245415, 2015
Microanalysis of single-layer hexagonal boron nitride islands on Ir (111)
M Petrović, U Hagemann, M Horn-von Hoegen, FJM zu Heringdorf
Applied Surface Science 420, 504, 2017
Energy-Dependent Chirality Effects in Quasifree-Standing Graphene
D Dombrowski, W Jolie, M Petrović, S Runte, F Craes, J Klinkhammer, ...
Physical Review Letters 118 (11), 116401, 2017
Lateral heterostructures of hexagonal boron nitride and graphene: BCN alloy formation and microstructuring mechanism
M Petrović, M Horn-von Hoegen, FJM zu Heringdorf
Applied Surface Science 455, 1086-1094, 2018
Moiré-regulated self-assembly of cesium adatoms on epitaxial graphene
M Petrović, P Lazić, S Runte, T Michely, C Busse, M Kralj
Physical Review B 96, 085428, 2017
Modifying the geometric and electronic structure of hexagonal boron nitride on Ir (111) by Cs adsorption and intercalation
J Cai, W Jolie, CC Silva, M Petrović, C Schlueter, T Michely, M Kralj, ...
Physical Review B 98 (19), 195443, 2018
Wrinkles of graphene on Ir (111): Macroscopic network ordering and internal multi-lobed structure
M Petrović, JT Sadowski, A Šiber, M Kralj
Carbon 94, 856-863, 2015
Anomalous Temperature Dependence of Exciton Spectral Diffusion in Tetracene Thin Film
T Yoshida, K Watanabe, M Petrović, M Kralj
The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11, 5248-5254, 2020
Sulfur Structures on Bare and Graphene-Covered Ir (111)
B Pielić, J Hall, V Despoja, IS Rakić, M Petrović, A Sohani, C Busse, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (12), 6659-6668, 2020
Equilibrium shape of single-layer hexagonal boron nitride islands on iridium
M Petrović, M Horn-von Hoegen, FJM zu Heringdorf
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 19553, 2019
Segregation-Enhanced Epitaxy of Borophene on Ir (111) by Thermal Decomposition of Borazine
KM Omambac, M Petrović, P Bampoulis, C Brand, MA Kriegel, P Dreher, ...
ACS nano 15 (4), 7421-7429, 2021
Linewidth Narrowing with Ultimate Confinement of an Alkali Multipole Plasmon by Modifying Surface Electronic Wave Functions with Two-Dimensional Materials
S Tanaka, T Yoshida, K Watanabe, Y Matsumoto, T Yasuike, M Petrović, ...
Physical Review Letters 125 (12), 126802, 2020
Non-conventional bell-shaped diffuse scattering in low-energy electron diffraction from high-quality epitaxial 2D-materials
K Omambac, M Kriegel, C Brand, B Finke, L Kremeyer, H Hattab, ...
Applied Physics Letters 118 (24), 241902, 2021
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