Nicholas M. Caruso
Nicholas M. Caruso
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צוטט על ידי
Widespread rapid reductions in body size of adult salamanders in response to climate change
NM Caruso, MW Sears, DC Adams, KR Lips
Global Change Biology 20 (6), 1751-1759, 2014
The relative importance of religion and education on university students’ views of evolution in the Deep South and state science standards across the United States
LJ Rissler, SI Duncan, NM Caruso
Evolution: Education and Outreach 7 (24), doi:10.1186/s12052-014-0024-1, 2014
Unexpected rarity of the pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Appalachian Plethodon salamanders: 1957–2011
C Muletz, NM Caruso, RC Fleischer, RW McDiarmid, KR Lips
PLoS One 9 (8), e103728, 2014
Truly enigmatic declines in terrestrial salamander populations in G reat S moky M ountains N ational P ark
NM Caruso, KR Lips
Diversity and Distributions 19 (1), 38-48, 2013
Shifts in frog size and phenology: testing predictions of climate change on a widespread anuran using data from prior to rapid climate warming
JA Sheridan, NM Caruso, JJ Apodaca, LJ Rissler
Ecology and Evolution 8 (2), 1316-1327, 2018
Using fine‐scale GIS data to assess the relationship between intra‐annual environmental niche variability and population density in a local stream fish assemblage
JH Knouft, NM Caruso, PJ Dupre, KR Anderson, DR Trumbo, J Puccinelli
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2 (3), 303-311, 2011
Gender differences in grant submissions across science and engineering fields at the NSF
LJ RissleR, KL Hale, NR Joffe, NM Caruso
Bioscience 70 (9), 814-820, 2020
Landscape change alters reproductive phenology and sex expression in Attalea palms (Arecaceae) of southwestern Amazonia
JMT Lima, NM Caruso, J Clugston, KA Kainer
Plant ecology 219 (10), 1225-1245, 2018
Demographic consequences of climate variation along an elevational gradient for a montane terrestrial salamander
NM Caruso, LJ Rissler
Population Ecology 61 (2), 171-182, 2019
An experimental approach to understanding elevation limits in the Northern Gray-Cheeked salamander, Plethodon montanus
NM Caruso, JJ Jacobs, LJ Rissler
Herpetological Conservation and Biology 14 (2), 297-307, 2019
Social and endocrine correlates of immune function in meerkats: implications for the immunocompetence handicap hypothesis
KN Smyth, NM Caruso, CS Davies, TH Clutton-Brock, CM Drea
Royal Society open science 5 (8), 180435, 2018
Surface retreats used among four genera of terrestrial salamanders in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
NM Caruso
Journal of Herpetology 50 (1), 87-93, 2016
Museum Specimens Reveal Life History Characteristics in Plethodon montanus
NM Caruso, LJ Rissler
Copeia 107 (4), 622-631, 2019
A demographic approach to understanding the effects of climate on population growth
NM Caruso, CL Staudhammer, LJ Rissler
Oecologia 193 (4), 889-901, 2020
Believe it or Snot
NM Caruso, D Rabaiotti
True or Poo?
NM Caruso, D Rabaiotti
Landscape change alters reproductive behavior and sexual expression of Attalea palms in southwestern Amazonia
JMT Lima, NM Caruso, J Clugston, EJL Ferreira, KA Kainer
Anais do 69° Congresso Nacional de Botânica, 2018
Social and endocrine correlates of immune function in meerkats: implications for the immunocompetence
KN Smyth, NM Caruso, CS Davies, TH Clutton-Brock
Royal Society Publishing, 2018
Life history variation along an elevational gradient in Plethodon montanus: implications for conservation
NM Caruso, LJ Rissler
bioRxiv, 130922, 2017
Population dynamics and range limits of a montane salamander
NM Caruso
The University of Alabama, 2017
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