James S. Santangelo
James S. Santangelo
Ph.D. Candidate, University of Toronto Mississauga
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
A roadmap for urban evolutionary ecology
LR Rivkin, JS Santangelo, M Alberti, MFJ Aronson, CW de Keyzer, ...
Evolutionary applications 12 (3), 384-398, 2019
The evolution of city life
JS Santangelo, LR Rivkin, MTJ Johnson
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 285 (1884), 20181529, 2018
Modern spandrels: the roles of genetic drift, gene flow and natural selection in the evolution of parallel clines
JS Santangelo, MTJ Johnson, RW Ness
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1878), 20180230, 2018
Herbivores and plant defences affect selection on plant reproductive traits more strongly than pollinators
JS Santangelo, KA Thompson, MTJ Johnson
Journal of evolutionary biology 32 (1), 4-18, 2019
Explaining ecosystem multifunction with evolutionary models
MW Cadotte, SW Livingstone, SLE Yasui, R Dinnage, J Li, R Marushia, ...
Ecology 98 (12), 3175-3187, 2017
Fungal endophytes of Festuca rubra increase in frequency following long-term exclusion of rabbits
JS Santangelo, NE Turley, MTJ Johnson
Botany, 2015
Urban Environments as a Framework to Study Parallel Evolution
JS Santangelo, LS Miles, ST Breitbart, D Murray-Stokeſ, LR Rivkin, ...
Urban Evolutionary Biology, 36, 2020
Nonsystemic fungal endophytes increase survival but reduce tolerance to simulated herbivory in subarctic Festuca rubra
JS Santangelo, PK Kotanen
Ecosphere 7 (5), 1-13, 2016
Predicting the strength of urban-rural clines in a Mendelian polymorphism along a latitudinal gradient
JS Santangelo, KA Thompson, B Cohan, J Syed, RW Ness, MTJ Johnson
Evolution Letters, 2020
Multivariate phenotypic divergence along an urbanization gradient
JS Santangelo, LR Rivkin, C Advenard, KA Thompson
Biology letters 16 (9), 20200511, 2020
A graduate student-led participatory live-coding quantitative methods course in R: Experiences on initiating, developing, and teaching
LW Johnston, M Bonsma-fisher, J Ostblom, AR Hasan, JS Santangelo, ...
Journal of Open Source Education 2 (16), 6-11, 2019
Data from: Herbivores and plant defenses affect selection on plant reproductive traits more strongly than pollinators
JS Santangelo, KA Thompson, MTJ Johnson
Scholars Portal Dataverse, 2021
Quantitative Methods in R for Biology Course
M Bonsma-Fisher, L Coome, L Johnston, S Mahallati, J Östblom, ...
University of Toronto Coders, 2019
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