Carl F Schreck
Carl F Schreck
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Biomimetic isotropic nanostructures for structural coloration
JD Forster, H Noh, SF Liew, V Saranathan, CF Schreck, L Yang, JG Park, ...
Advanced Materials 22 (26‐27), 2939-2944, 2010
Assembly of optical-scale dumbbells into dense photonic crystals
JD Forster, JG Park, M Mittal, H Noh, CF Schreck, CS O’Hern, H Cao, ...
ACS nano 5 (8), 6695-6700, 2011
Jamming in systems composed of frictionless ellipse-shaped particles
M Mailman, CF Schreck, CS O’Hern, B Chakraborty
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Repulsive contact interactions make jammed particulate systems inherently nonharmonic
CF Schreck, T Bertrand, CS O’Hern, MD Shattuck
Physical review letters 107 (7), 078301, 2011
Self-driven jamming in growing microbial populations
M Delarue, J Hartung, C Schreck, P Gniewek, L Hu, S Herminghaus, ...
Nature physics 12 (8), 762-766, 2016
A comparison of jamming behavior in systems composed of dimer-and ellipse-shaped particles
CF Schreck, N Xu, CS O'Hern
Soft Matter 6 (13), 2960-2969, 2010
Short-range order and near-field effects on optical scattering and structural coloration
SF Liew, J Forster, H Noh, CF Schreck, V Saranathan, X Lu, L Yang, ...
Optics express 19 (9), 8208-8217, 2011
Photonic band gaps in three-dimensional network structures with short-range order
SF Liew, JK Yang, H Noh, CF Schreck, ER Dufresne, CS O’Hern, H Cao
Physical Review A 84 (6), 063818, 2011
Tuning jammed frictionless disk packings from isostatic to hyperstatic
CF Schreck, CS O’Hern, LE Silbert
Physical Review E 84 (1), 011305, 2011
Particle-scale reversibility in athermal particulate media below jamming
CF Schreck, RS Hoy, MD Shattuck, CS O’Hern
Physical Review E 88 (5), 052205, 2013
Photonic-band-gap effects in two-dimensional polycrystalline and amorphous structures
JK Yang, C Schreck, H Noh, SF Liew, MI Guy, CS O’Hern, H Cao
Physical Review A 82 (5), 053838, 2010
Constraints and vibrations in static packings of ellipsoidal particles
CF Schreck, M Mailman, B Chakraborty, CS O'Hern
Physical Review E 85 (6), 061305, 2012
Emergence of evolutionary driving forces in pattern-forming microbial populations
J Kayser, CF Schreck, QQ Yu, M Gralka, O Hallatschek
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 373 …, 2018
Collective motion conceals fitness differences in crowded cellular populations
J Kayser, CF Schreck, M Gralka, D Fusco, O Hallatschek
Nature ecology & evolution 3 (1), 125-134, 2019
Hypocoordinated solids in particulate media
T Bertrand, CF Schreck, CS O'Hern, MD Shattuck
Physical Review E 89 (6), 062203, 2014
Structural relaxation in dense liquids composed of anisotropic particles
T Shen, C Schreck, B Chakraborty, DE Freed, CS O'Hern
Physical Review E 86 (4), 041303, 2012
Vibrations of jammed disk packings with Hertzian interactions
CF Schreck, CS O’Hern, MD Shattuck
Granular Matter 16 (2), 209-216, 2014
Molecular simulations of the fluctuating conformational dynamics of intrinsically disordered proteins
WW Smith, CF Schreck, N Hashem, S Soltani, A Nath, E Rhoades, ...
Physical Review E 86 (4), 041910, 2012
Computational methods to study jammed systems
CF Schreck, CS O’Hern
Experimental and computational techniques in soft condensed matter physics …, 2010
Using DNA-driven assembled phospholipid nanodiscs as a scaffold for gold nanoparticle patterning
N Geerts, CF Schreck, PA Beales, H Shigematsu, CS O’Hern, ...
Langmuir 29 (42), 13089-13094, 2013
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