Arnulf B.A. Graf
Arnulf B.A. Graf
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Recognition with local features: the kernel recipe
C Wallraven, B Caputo, ABA Graf
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Decoding the activity of neuronal populations in macaque primary visual cortex
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ABA Graf, AJ Smola, S Borer
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Brain–machine interface for eye movements
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ABA Graf, RA Andersen
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Insights from Machine Learning Applied to Human Visual Classification.
ABA Graf, FA Wichmann
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ABA Graf
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Classification and feature extraction in man and machine.
ABA Graf
University of Tübingen, Germany, 2004
Classification and memory behaviour of man revisited by machine
ABA Graf, FA Wichmann, HH Bülthoff, B Schölkopf
Computational and Systems Neuroscience Meeting (COSYNE 2004), 72, 2004
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