Johannes Stelzer
Johannes Stelzer
Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics
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Statistical inference and multiple testing correction in classification-based multi-voxel pattern analysis (MVPA): random permutations and cluster size control
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Why musical memory can be preserved in advanced Alzheimer’s disease
JH Jacobsen, J Stelzer, TH Fritz, G Chételat, R La Joie, R Turner
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Deficient approaches to human neuroimaging
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MJ Hove, J Stelzer, T Nierhaus, SD Thiel, C Gundlach, DS Margulies, ...
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Imperceptible somatosensory stimulation alters sensorimotor background rhythm and connectivity
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“More is different” in functional magnetic resonance imaging: a review of recent data analysis techniques
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LISA improves statistical analysis for fMRI
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Prioritizing spatial accuracy in high-resolution fMRI data using multivariate feature weight mapping
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Neural decoding of visual stimuli varies with fluctuations in global network efficiency
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Task-related edge density (ted)—a new method for revealing dynamic network formation in fmri data of the human brain
G Lohmann, J Stelzer, V Zuber, T Buschmann, D Margulies, A Bartels, ...
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Simnibs: A versatile toolbox for simulating fields generated by transcranial brain stimulation
G Saturnino, A Antunes, J Stelzer, A Thielscher
21st Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM 2015), 2015
Impact of prospective motion correction, distortion correction methods and large vein bias on the spatial accuracy of cortical laminar fMRI at 9.4 Tesla
J Bause, JR Polimeni, J Stelzer, MH In, P Ehses, P Kraemer-Fernandez, ...
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Multimodal assessment of recovery from coma in a rat model of diffuse brainstem tegmentum injury
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Curvature-based methods for brain network analysis
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Inflated false negative rates undermine reproducibility in task-based fMRI
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Eigenvector centrality mapping for ultrahigh resolution fMRI data of the human brain
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Searchlight goes GPU-Fast multi-voxel pattern analysis of fMRI data
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Group-wise analysis on myelination profiles of cerebral cortex using the second eigenvector of Laplace-Beltrami operator
SG Kim, J Stelzer, PL Bazin, A Viehweger, T Knösche
2014 IEEE 11th International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), 1007-1010, 2014
fMRI investigation of dynamic cooperativity: synchronised finger tapping with an adaptive virtual partner
MT Fairhurst, P Janata, BH Repp, J Stelzer, PE Keller
Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Music Perception and …, 2010
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