Tomer Gilad
Tomer Gilad
PhD Student, School of Zoology, Tel-Aviv University
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Context‐dependent effects of cold stress on behavioral, physiological, and life‐history traits of the red flour beetle
I Scharf, KO Wertheimer, JL Xin, T Gilad, I Goldenberg, A Subach
Insect science 26 (1), 142-153, 2019
The contribution of shelter from rain to the success of pit-building predators in urban habitats
I Scharf, T Gilad, MA Bar-Ziv, N Katz, E Gregorian, JN Pruitt, A Subach
Animal Behaviour 142, 139-145, 2018
The interplay between maze complexity, colony size, learning and memory in ants while solving a maze: A test at the colony level
M Saar, T Gilad, T Kilon-Kallner, A Rosenfeld, A Subach, I Scharf
PloS one 12 (8), e0183753, 2017
Separation between maternal and paternal effects on offspring following exposure of adult red flour beetles to two stressors
T Gilad, I Scharf
Ecological Entomology 44 (4), 494-501, 2019
Effect of continuous and alternating episodes of starvation on behavior and reproduction in the red flour beetle
T Gilad, R Koren, Y Moalem, A Subach, I Scharf
Journal of Zoology 305 (4), 213-222, 2018
Leg or antenna injury in Cataglyphis ants impairs survival but does not hinder searching for food
T Gilad, A Dorfman, A Subach, I Scharf
Current Zoology, 2021
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