Dominic A.W. Henry
Dominic A.W. Henry
Honorary Research Associate. Centre for Statistics in Ecology, the Environment and Conservation
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Contrasting effects of ecosystem engineering by the cordgrass Spartina maritima and the sandprawn Callianassa kraussi in a marine-dominated lagoon
D Pillay, GM Branch, J Dawson, D Henry
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Exploring the environmental drivers of waterfowl movement in arid landscapes using first-passage time analysis
DAW Henry, JM Ament, GS Cumming
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A social–ecological approach to landscape epidemiology: geographic variation and avian influenza
GS Cumming, C Abolnik, A Caron, N Gaidet, J Grewar, E Hellard, ...
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The relationship between wealth and biodiversity: A test of the Luxury Effect on bird species richness in the developing world
DE Chamberlain, DAW Henry, C Reynolds, E Caprio, A Amar
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Susceptibility and status of avian influenza in ostriches
C Abolnik, A Olivier, C Reynolds, D Henry, G Cumming, D Rauff, ...
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Wealth, water and wildlife: Landscape aridity intensifies the urban luxury effect
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Can waterbirds with different movement, dietary and foraging functional traits occupy similar ecological niches?
DAW Henry, GS Cumming
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Clustered or dispersed: testing the effect of sampling strategy to census burrow-nesting petrels with varied distributions at sub-Antarctic Marion Island
BJ Dilley, DW Hedding, DAW Henry, K Rexer-Huber, GC Parker, ...
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Genetic and paleomodelling evidence of the population expansion of the cattle egret Bubulcus ibis in Africa during the climatic oscillations of the Late Pleistocene
C Congrains, AF Carvalho, EA Miranda, GS Cumming, DAW Henry, ...
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Spatial and environmental processes show temporal variation in the structuring of waterbird metacommunities
DAW Henry, GS Cumming
Ecosphere 7 (10), e01451, 2016
Can time‐to‐detection models with fewer survey replicates provide a robust alternative to traditional site‐occupancy models?
DAW Henry, ATK Lee, R Altwegg
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 11 (5), 643-655, 2020
A framework for testing assumptions about foraging scales, body mass, and niche separation using telemetry data
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CM Villar Couto, GS Cumming, GA Lacorte, C Congrains, R Izbicki, ...
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A multi-scale study on the movement ecology of Afrotropical waterbirds
DAW Henry
University of Cape Town, 2016
Defining separation zones for coastal birds at a wetland of global importance
C Reynolds, DAW Henry, DRC Tye, ND Tye
Wildlife Research 48 (2), 134-141, 2020
Point counts outperform line transects when sampling birds along routes in South African protected areas
GS Cumming, DAW Henry
African Zoology 54 (4), 187-198, 2019
Survey frequency affects the estimates and conclusions of long-term changes in waterbird populations: a case study from a South African wetland
DAW Henry, TG O’Connor
Biodiversity and Conservation 28 (13), 3429-3443, 2019
Optimising the cost of roadkill surveys based on an analysis of carcass persistence
DAW Henry, WJ Collinson-Jonker, HT Davies-Mostert, SK Nicholson, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 291, 112664, 2021
A demographic model to support an impact financing mechanism for black rhino metapopulations
C Barichievy, R Altwegg, D Balfour, R Brett, C Gordon, D Henry, G Jeffries, ...
Biological Conservation 257, 109073, 2021
What is the relationship between wealth and biodiversity? A test of the Luxury Effect on bird species richness in the developing world
E Caprio, DE Chamberlain, DAW Henry, R Chevonne, A Arjun
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