Elisa Capuzzo
Elisa Capuzzo
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Framework for understanding marine ecosystem health
P Tett, RJ Gowen, SJ Painting, M Elliott, R Forster, DK Mills, E Bresnan, ...
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A decline in primary production in the North Sea over 25 years, associated with reductions in zooplankton abundance and fish stock recruitment
E Capuzzo, CP Lynam, J Barry, D Stephens, RM Forster, N Greenwood, ...
Global change biology 24 (1), e352-e364, 2018
Predicting the electron requirement for carbon fixation in seas and oceans
E Lawrenz, G Silsbe, E Capuzzo, P Ylöstalo, RM Forster, SGH Simis, ...
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Decrease in water clarity of the southern and central North Sea during the 20th century
E Capuzzo, D Stephens, T Silva, J Barry, RM Forster
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Transparent exopolymer particles (TEP) link phytoplankton and bacterial production in the Gulf of Aqaba
E Bar-Zeev, I Berman-Frank, N Stambler, EV Domínguez, T Zohary, ...
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Short-term variability in primary productivity during a wind-driven diatom bloom in the Gulf of Eilat (Aqaba)
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Aquatic microbial ecology 56 (2-3), 205-215, 2009
Analysis of multitrophic plankton assemblages in the Lagoon of Venice
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UK macroalgae aquaculture: What are the key environmental and licensing considerations?
D Wood, E Capuzzo, D Kirby, K Mooney-McAuley, P Kerrison
Marine policy 83, 29-39, 2017
Variability in the sub-surface light climate at ecohydrodynamically distinct sites in the North Sea
E Capuzzo, SJ Painting, RM Forster, N Greenwood, DT Stephens, ...
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Modelling potential production of macroalgae farms in UK and Dutch coastal waters
J Molen, P Ruardij, K Mooney, P Kerrison, NE O'Connor, E Gorman, ...
Biogeosciences 15 (4), 1123-1147, 2018
Seaweed in the UK and abroad–status, products, limitations, gaps and Cefas role
E Capuzzo, T McKie
Cefas contract report FC002I, 2016
Seasonal and temporal drivers influencing phytoplankton community in Kuwait marine waters: Documenting a changing landscape in the Gulf
MJ Devlin, M Breckels, CA Graves, J Barry, E Capuzzo, FP Huerta, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 6, 141, 2019
Measuring phytoplankton primary production: review of existing methodologies and suggestions for a common approach. EcApRHA Deliverable WP 3.2
J Kromkamp, E Capuzzo, CJM Philippart
Reconstruction of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) recruitment in the North Sea for the past 455 years based on the δ13C from annual shell increments of the ocean …
J Estrella‐Martínez, BR Schöne, RH Thurstan, E Capuzzo, JD Scourse, ...
Fish and Fisheries 20 (3), 537-551, 2019
Analisi dei popolamenti fitoplanctonici nella laguna di Venezia dal 1977 al 2004
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Measuring and modelling the primary production of a sea lough in Northern Ireland
E Capuzzo
Edinburgh Napier University, 2011
Multiple new paralytic shellfish toxin vectors in offshore North Sea benthos, a deep secret exposed
KJ Dean, RG Hatfield, V Lee, RP Alexander, AM Lewis, BH Maskrey, ...
Marine Drugs 18 (8), 400, 2020
Potential grazing effects in incubations with 14C
J Marra, E Capuzzo, V Montecino
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Report on the integration of OSPAR Food Webs Indicators into the NEAT tool. EcApRHA Deliverable WP 3.5
M Haraldsson, NL Arroyo, E Capuzzo, P Claquin, J Kromkamp, N Niquil, ...
Proposed approaches for indicator integration. EcApRHA Deliverable WP 4.1
SAM Elliott, NL Arroyo, G Safi, C Ostle, L Guérin, A McQuatters-Gollop, ...
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