Oryah Lancry-Dayan
Oryah Lancry-Dayan
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צוטט על ידי
Do you know him? Gaze dynamics toward familiar faces on a concealed information test
OC Lancry-Dayan, T Nahari, G Ben-Shakhar, Y Pertzov
Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition 7 (2), 291-302, 2018
Detecting concealed familiarity using eye movements: The role of task demands
T Nahari, O Lancry-Dayan, G Ben-Shakhar, Y Pertzov
Cognitive research: principles and implications 4 (1), 1-16, 2019
Been there, seen that, done that: Modification of visual exploration across repeated exposures
OC Lancry-Dayan, G Kupershmidt, Y Pertzov
Journal of Vision 19 (12), 2-2, 2019
Search for the Unknown: Guidance of Visual Search in the Absence of an Active Template
OC Lancry-Dayan, M Gamer, Y Pertzov
Psychological Science 32 (9), 1404-1415, 2021
Not all fixations are created equal: The benefits of using ex-Gaussian modeling of fixation durations
N Guy, OC Lancry-Dayan, Y Pertzov
Journal of vision 20 (10), 9-9, 2020
'Memory Detection with eye-movement measures: The Role of Task-Demands'
G Ben-Shakhar, T Nahri, O Lancry-Dayan, Y Pertzov
International Journal of Psychophysiology 131, S39, 2018
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