Gadi Bartur Ph.D
Gadi Bartur Ph.D
Reuth Rehabilitation hospital
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HandTutorTM enhanced hand rehabilitation after stroke — a pilot study
E Carmeli, S Peleg, G Bartur, E Elbo, JJ Vatine
Physiotherapy research international 16 (4), 191-200, 2011
Electrophysiological manifestations of mirror visual feedback during manual movement
G Bartur, H Pratt, R Dickstein, S Frenkel-Toledo, A Geva, N Soroker
Brain research 1606, 113-124, 2015
Heart rate autonomic regulation system at rest and during paced breathing among patients with CRPS as compared to age-matched healthy controls
G Bartur, JJ Vatine, N Raphaely-Beer, S Peleg, M Katz-Leurer
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An EEG tool for monitoring patient engagement during stroke rehabilitation: a feasibility study
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An electromyographic investigation of the pattern of overflow facilitated by manual resistive proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation in young healthy individuals: a …
JE Reznik, E Biros, G Bartur
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Does passive leg activity influence oxygen saturation and activity in sedentary elderly adults?
E Carmeli, G Bartur, S Peleg, S Barchad, JJ Vatine
TheScientificWorldJOURNAL 6, 1075-1080, 2006
A pilot study on the electrophysiological monitoring of patient’s engagement in post-stroke physical rehabilitation
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recruitment patterns of homologous muscles during unilateral movement in hemiparetic subjects
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Behavioural and electrophysiological evaluation of the impact of different cue types upon individuals with acquired anomia
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Bedside patient engagement monitor for rehabilitation in disorders of consciousness–demonstrative case-reports
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Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology, 1-10, 2020
Role of the Lpsi-lateral Hemisphere in Upper Limb Movement-Insight from Performance Under Mirror Visual Feedback: Q-EEG Study in Healthy Subjects and in Patients with Uni …
G Bartur
University of Haifa, 2017
The immediate effect of paced breathing with biofeedback and active cycling on heart rate variability in patients in the sub-acute post-stroke phase: P1104
P Ginsburg, G Bartur, S Peleg, M Katz-Leurer
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Investigation of the recruitment patterns of homologous muscles during unilateral movement in hemiparetic subjects by means of electromyography
G Bartur, O Keren, A Ohry
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