Wolfgang Reichel
Wolfgang Reichel
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צוטט על ידי
Calculus of variations
AR Forsyth
New York, 1960
Non-existence results for semilinear cooperative elliptic systems via moving spheres
W Reichel, H Zou
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Radial symmetry for elliptic boundary-value problems on exterior domains
W Reichel
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Partielle differentialgleichungen
B Schweizer
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2013
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W Reichel, W Walter
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Sturm–Liouville type problems for the p-Laplacian under asymptotic non-resonance conditions
W Reichel, W Walter
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Radial solutions of singular nonlinear biharmonic equations and applications to conformal geometry.
PJ McKenna, W Reichel
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Parabolic problems with dynamical boundary conditions: eigenvalue expansions and blow up
C Bandle, J von Below, W Reichel
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Radial symmetry for an electrostatic, a capillarity and some fully nonlinear overdetermined problems on exterior domains
W Reichel
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Electrostatic characterization of spheres
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Existence of two boundary blow-up solutions for semilinear elliptic equations
A Aftalion, W Reichel
journal of differential equations 141 (2), 400-421, 1997
Characterization of balls by Riesz-potentials
W Reichel
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Existence of solutions to nonlinear, subcritical higher order elliptic Dirichlet problems
W Reichel, T Weth
Journal of Differential Equations 248 (7), 1866-1878, 2010
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