Georgia Papantoniou
Georgia Papantoniou
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Trophic trickles and cascades in a complex food web: impacts of a keystone predator on stream community structure and ecosystem processes
G Woodward, G Papantoniou, F Edwards, RB Lauridsen
Oikos 117 (5), 683-692, 2008
New Mediterranean Biodiversity Records (December 2011)
Mediterranean Marine Science 12, 491-508, 2011
Lack of evidence for elevated CO2-induced bottom-up effects on marine copepods: a dinoflagellate–calanoid prey–predator pair
S Isari, S Zervoudaki, J Peters, G Papantoniou, C Pelejero, E Saiz
ICES Journal of Marine Science 73 (3), 650-658, 2016
Old info for a new fisheries policy: Discard ratios and lengths at discarding in EU Mediterranean bottom trawl fisheries
K Tsagarakis, A Carbonell, J Brčić, JM Bellido, P Carbonara, L Casciaro, ...
Frontiers in Marine Science 4, 99, 2017
Potential response to climate change of a semi-arid coastal ecosystem in eastern Mediterranean
A Spyropoulou, S Spatharis, G Papantoniou, G Tsirtsis
Hydrobiologia 705 (1), 87-99, 2013
Spatial and temporal variability of small-sized copepod assemblages in a shallow semi-enclosed embayment (Kalloni Gulf, NE Mediterranean Sea)
G Papantoniou, DB Danielidis, A Spyropoulou, N Fragopoulu
Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 95 (2 …, 2015
Dystrophic crisis event in Papas Lagoon, Araxos Cape, Western Greece in the summer 2012
Y Cladas, G Papantoniou, V Bekiari, N Fragkopoulu
Mediterranean Marine Science 17 (1), 32-38, 2016
Vital rates of marine copepods under ocean acidification scenarios
S Isari, S Zervoudaki, C Pelejero, G Papantoniou, E Saiz
Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, 2015
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