Amy J Pickering
Amy J Pickering
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צוטט על ידי
Effects of water quality, sanitation, handwashing, and nutritional interventions on diarrhoea and child growth in rural Kenya: a cluster-randomised controlled trial
C Null, CP Stewart, AJ Pickering, HN Dentz, BF Arnold, CD Arnold, ...
The Lancet Global Health 6 (3), e316-e329, 2018
Effect of a community-led sanitation intervention on child diarrhoea and child growth in rural Mali: a cluster-randomised controlled trial
AJ Pickering, H Djebbari, C Lopez, M Coulibaly, ML Alzua
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Freshwater availability and water fetching distance affect child health in sub-Saharan Africa
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Cluster-randomised controlled trials of individual and combined water, sanitation, hygiene and nutritional interventions in rural Bangladesh and Kenya: the WASH Benefits study …
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Hands, water, and health: fecal contamination in Tanzanian communities with improved, non-networked water supplies
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Fecal contamination and diarrheal pathogens on surfaces and in soils among Tanzanian households with and without improved sanitation
AJ Pickering, TR Julian, SJ Marks, MC Mattioli, AB Boehm, KJ Schwab, ...
Environmental science & technology 46 (11), 5736-5743, 2012
Efficacy of waterless hand hygiene compared with handwashing with soap: a field study in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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Animal Feces Contribute to Domestic Fecal Contamination: Evidence from E. coli Measured in Water, Hands, Food, Flies, and Soil in Bangladesh
A Ercumen, AJ Pickering, LH Kwong, BF Arnold, SM Parvez, M Alam, ...
Environmental science & technology 51 (15), 8725-8734, 2017
Hands and water as vectors of diarrheal pathogens in Bagamoyo, Tanzania
MC Mattioli, AJ Pickering, RJ Gilsdorf, J Davis, AB Boehm
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AJ Pickering, C Null, PJ Winch, G Mangwadu, BF Arnold, AJ Prendergast, ...
The Lancet Global Health 7 (8), e1139-e1146, 2019
Access to waterless hand sanitizer improves student hand hygiene behavior in primary schools in Nairobi, Kenya
AJ Pickering, J Davis, AG Blum, J Scalmanini, B Oyier, G Okoth, ...
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Hand-and object-mouthing of rural Bangladeshi children 3–18 months old
LH Kwong, A Ercumen, AJ Pickering, L Unicomb, J Davis, SP Luby
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Microbiological evaluation of the efficacy of soapy water to clean hands: a randomized, non-inferiority field trial
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Hand bacterial communities vary across two different human populations
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Understanding household behavioral risk factors for diarrheal disease in Dar es Salaam: a photovoice community assessment
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The implications of three major new trials for the effect of water, sanitation and hygiene on childhood diarrhea and stunting: a consensus statement
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Detecting and enumerating soil-transmitted helminth eggs in soil: New method development and results from field testing in Kenya and Bangladesh
L Steinbaum, LH Kwong, A Ercumen, MS Negash, AJ Lovely, SM Njenga, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 11 (4), e0005522, 2017
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