Katherine Wood
Katherine Wood
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Foveal input is not required for perception of crowd facial expression
BA Wolfe, AA Kosovicheva, A Yamanashi Leib, K Wood, D Whitney
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Processing without noticing in inattentional blindness: a replication of Moore and Egeth (1997) and Mack and Rock (1998)
K Wood, DJ Simons
Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 81 (1), 1-11, 2018
As if by magic: an abrupt change in motion direction induces change blindness
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Selective attention in inattentional blindness: Selection is specific but suppression is not
K Wood, DJ Simons
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Reconciling change blindness with long-term memory for objects
K Wood, DJ Simons
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Complete recovery of values in Diophantine systems (CORVIDS)
S Wilner, K Wood, DJ Simons
PsyArXiv, 2018
The role of similarity in inattentional blindness: Selective enhancement, selective suppression, or both?
K Wood, DJ Simons
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The spatial allocation of attention in an interactive environment
K Wood, DJ Simons
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The better to see: The role of suppression in inattentional blindness
K Wood
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2020
Now or never: noticing occurs early in sustained inattentional blindness
K Wood, DJ Simons
Royal Society open science 6 (11), 191333, 2019
Similarity and feature dimensions in inattentional blindness
KM Wood
Discriminability of Prediction Artifacts in a Head-Mounted Display
C Widdowson, S LaValle, R Wang, E Huber, A Kumar, K Wood
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Attention sets in sustained inattentional blindness are category-based
K Wood, D Simons
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Change detection and recognition memory for objects
K Wood, D Simons
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Speeded Breakthrough of Faces in Interocular Suppression Requires Configural Information
K Wood, A Kosovicheva, B Wolfe, D Whitney
Journal of Vision 15 (12), 148-148, 2015
Foveal input is not required for ensemble coding of emotional faces
K Wood, B Wolfe, A Kosovicheva, AY Leib, D Whitney
Journal of Vision 14 (10), 883-883, 2014
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