Amber N. Stokes
Amber N. Stokes
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צוטט על ידי
An improved competitive inhibition enzymatic immunoassay method for tetrodotoxin quantification
AN Stokes, BL Williams, SS French
Biological Procedures Online 14 (1), 1-5, 2012
Confirmation and distribution of tetrodotoxin for the first time in terrestrial invertebrates: two terrestrial flatworm species (Bipalium adventitium and Bipalium kewense)
AN Stokes, PK Ducey, L Neuman-Lee, CT Hanifin, SS French, ...
PLoS One 9 (6), e100718, 2014
Tetrodotoxin levels in larval and metamorphosed newts (Taricha granulosa) and palatability to predatory dragonflies
BG Gall, AN Stokes, SS French, EA Schlepphorst, ED Brodie III, ...
Toxicon 57 (7-8), 978-983, 2011
Otter predation on Taricha granulosa and variation in tetrodotoxin levels with elevation
AN Stokes
Northwestern Naturalist 96 (1), 13-21, 2015
MN Lorentz, AN Stokes, DC Rößler, S Lötters
Current Biology 26 (19), R870-R872, 2016
Is there more than one way to skin a newt? Convergent toxin resistance in snakes is not due to a common genetic mechanism
CR Feldman, AM Durso, CT Hanifin, ME Pfrender, PK Ducey, AN Stokes, ...
Heredity 116 (1), 84-91, 2016
The role of corticosterone and toxicity in the antipredator behavior of the Rough-skinned Newt (Taricha granulosa)
LA Neuman-Lee, AN Stokes, S Greenfield, GR Hopkins, ED Brodie Jr, ...
General and comparative endocrinology 213, 59-64, 2015
Female newts (Taricha granulosa) produce tetrodotoxin laden eggs after long term captivity
BG Gall, AN Stokes, SS French, ED Brodie III, ED Brodie Jr
Toxicon 60 (6), 1057-1062, 2012
Of poisons and parasites—the defensive role of tetrodotoxin against infections in newts
PTJ Johnson, DM Calhoun, AN Stokes, CB Susbilla, T McDevitt‐Galles, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 87 (4), 1192-1204, 2018
Do all portable cases constructed by caddisfly larvae function in defense?
EE Ferry, GR Hopkins, AN Stokes, S Mohammadi, ED Brodie Jr, BG Gall
Journal of insect science 13 (1), 5, 2013
Predatory caddisfly larvae sequester tetrodotoxin from their prey, eggs of the rough-skinned newt (Taricha granulosa)
BG Gall, AN Stokes, SS French, ED Brodie
Journal of chemical ecology 38 (11), 1351-1357, 2012
Toxicity and population structure of the Rough‐Skinned Newt (Taricha granulosa) outside the range of an arms race with resistant predators
MTJ Hague, LA Avila, CT Hanifin, WA Snedden, AN Stokes, ED Brodie Jr, ...
Ecology and evolution 6 (9), 2714-2724, 2016
Sex-biased predation on newts of the genus Taricha by a novel predator and its relationship with tetrodotoxin toxicity
AN Stokes, DG Cook, CT Hanifin, ED Brodie
The American Midland Naturalist 165 (2), 389-399, 2011
Variations in tetrodotoxin levels in populations of Taricha granulosa are expressed in the morphology of their cutaneous glands
PL Mailho-Fontana, C Jared, MM Antoniazzi, JM Sciani, DC Pimenta, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-8, 2019
Eastern Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens) larvae alter morphological but not chemical defenses in response to predator cues
KH Brossman, BE Carlson, AN Stokes, T Langkilde
Canadian journal of zoology 92 (4), 279-283, 2014
The geographic mosaic in parallel: Matching patterns of newt tetrodotoxin levels and snake resistance in multiple predator–prey pairs
JS Reimche, ED Brodie Jr, AN Stokes, EJ Ely, HA Moniz, VL Thill, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 89 (7), 1645-1657, 2020
The geographic mosaic of arms race coevolution is closely matched to prey population structure
MTJ Hague, AN Stokes, CR Feldman, ED Brodie Jr, ED Brodie III
Evolution letters 4 (4), 317-332, 2020
Tetrodotoxin concentrations within a clutch and across embryonic development in eggs of the rough-skinned newts (Taricha granulosa)
BG Gall, AN Stokes, JJ Pett, KL Spivey, SS French, ED Brodie III, ...
Toxicon 90, 249-254, 2014
Lee, CT Hanifin, SS French, ME Pfrender, ED III Brodie, ED Jr. Brodie, Confirmation and distribution of tetrodotoxin for the first time in terrestrial invertebrates: two …
AN Stokes, PK Ducey, L Neuman
Plos One 9, e100718, 2014
Functional and physiological resistance of crayfish to amphibian toxins: tetrodotoxin resistance in the white river crayfish (Procambarus acutus)
NJ Wilson, AN Stokes, GR Hopkins, ED Brodie, Jr, CR Williams
Canadian journal of zoology 92 (11), 939-945, 2014
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