David J. Witherspoon
David J. Witherspoon
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
An integrated map of genetic variation from 1,092 human genomes
1000 Genomes Project Consortium
Nature 491 (7422), 56-65, 2012
Genetic evidence for high-altitude adaptation in Tibet
TS Simonson, Y Yang, CD Huff, H Yun, G Qin, DJ Witherspoon, Z Bai, ...
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Integrating sequence and array data to create an improved 1000 Genomes Project haplotype reference panel
O Delaneau, J Marchini
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DJ Witherspoon, S Wooding, AR Rogers, EE Marchani, WS Watkins, ...
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The common marmoset genome provides insight into primate biology and evolution
TMG Sequencing, Analysis Consortium
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Maximum-likelihood estimation of recent shared ancestry (ERSA)
CD Huff, DJ Witherspoon, TS Simonson, J Xing, WS Watkins, Y Zhang, ...
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Recent Horizontal Transfer of Mellifera Subfamily Mariner Transposons into Insect Lineages Representing Four Different Orders Shows that Selection Acts Only …
DJ Lampe, DJ Witherspoon, FN Soto-Adames, HM Robertson
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Mobile element scanning (ME-Scan) by targeted high-throughput sequencing
DJ Witherspoon, J Xing, Y Zhang, WS Watkins, MA Batzer, LB Jorde
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Toward a more uniform sampling of human genetic diversity: a survey of worldwide populations by high-density genotyping
J Xing, WS Watkins, A Shlien, E Walker, CD Huff, DJ Witherspoon, ...
Genomics 96 (4), 199-210, 2010
Metabolic insight into mechanisms of high-altitude adaptation in Tibetans
RL Ge, TS Simonson, RC Cooksey, U Tanna, G Qin, CD Huff, ...
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Mobile element scanning (ME-Scan) identifies thousands of novel Alu insertions in diverse human populations
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Mobile elements reveal small population size in the ancient ancestors of Homo sapiens
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Relationship estimation from whole-genome sequence data
H Li, G Glusman, H Hu, J Caballero, R Hubley, D Witherspoon, ...
PLoS genetics 10 (1), e1004144, 2014
Crohn’s disease and genetic hitchhiking at IBD5
CD Huff, DJ Witherspoon, Y Zhang, C Gatenbee, LA Denson, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 29 (1), 101-111, 2012
Genetic variation in South Indian castes: evidence from Y-chromosome, mitochondrial, and autosomal polymorphisms
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Alu repeats increase local recombination rates
DJ Witherspoon, WS Watkins, Y Zhang, J Xing, WL Tolpinrud, DJ Hedges, ...
BMC genomics 10 (1), 1-11, 2009
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