Muhammad Usman Farid
Muhammad Usman Farid
Postdoctoral Fellow at The City University of Hong Kong
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צוטט על ידי
Challenges and opportunities in functional carbon nanotubes for membrane-based water treatment and desalination
S Ali, SAU Rehman, HY Luan, MU Farid, H Huang
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CNTs reinforced super-hydrophobic-oleophilic electrospun polystyrene oil sorbent for enhanced sorption capacity and reusability
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NK Khanzada, MU Farid, JA Kharraz, J Choi, CY Tang, LD Nghiem, ...
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MU Farid, S Jeong, DH Seo, R Ahmed, C Lau, NK Gali, Z Ning, AK An
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MU Farid, NK Khanzada, AK An
Desalination 456, 74-84, 2019
Comparison of chemical, ultrasonic and thermal regeneration of carbon nanotubes for acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and triclosan adsorption
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JA Kharraz, MU Farid, D Jassby, AK An
Journal of Membrane Science 641, 119873, 2022
Toxic, vital elemental analysis and nutritional quality of wheat flour of hazara division, Pakistan
T Ahmed, MU Farid, N Faridullah, K Naseem, SA Ali, Y Durrani, ...
Nanobubble-assisted scaling inhibition in membrane distillation for the treatment of high-salinity brine
MU Farid, JA Kharraz, CH Lee, JKH Fang, S St-Hilaire, AK An
Water Research 209, 117954, 2022
Chapter 9: Hybrid Configuration of Membrane Distillation: Vacuum Multi-Effect Membrane Distillation
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Highly selective and antifouling reverse osmosis membrane for domestic-wastewater reclamation
NK Khanzada, MU Farid, AK An
9th International Water Association (IWA) Membrane Technology Conference …, 2019
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