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צוטט על ידי
A short review of membrane fouling in forward osmosis processes
Y Chun, D Mulcahy, L Zou, IS Kim
Membranes 7 (2), 30, 2017
Floating-type microbial fuel cell (FT-MFC) for treating organic-contaminated water
J An, D Kim, Y Chun, SJ Lee, HY Ng, IS Chang
Environmental Science & Technology 43 (5), 1642-1647, 2009
A case study of fouling development and flux reversibility of treating actual lake water by forward osmosis process
Y Chun, F Zaviska, E Cornelissen, L Zou
Desalination 357, 55-64, 2015
Forward osmosis as a pre-treatment for treating coal seam gas associated water: flux and fouling behaviours
Y Chun, SJ Kim, GJ Millar, D Mulcahy, IS Kim, L Zou
Desalination 403, 144-152, 2017
Fouling characteristics and their implications on cleaning of a FO-RO pilot process for treating brackish surface water
Y Chun, F Zaviska, SJ Kim, D Mulcahy, E Yang, IS Kim, L Zou
Desalination 394, 91-100, 2016
Using FO as pre-treatment of RO for high scaling potential brackish water: energy and performance optimisation
F Zaviska, Y Chun, M Heran, L Zou
Journal of membrane science 492, 430-438, 2015
Exploring microbial communities and differences of cartridge filters (CFs) and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes for seawater desalination processes
Y Chun, PT Ha, L Powell, J Lee, D Kim, D Choi, RW Lovitt, IS Kim, ...
Desalination 298, 85-92, 2012
Prototype aquaporin-based forward osmosis membrane: Filtration properties and fouling resistance
Y Chun, L Qing, G Sun, MR Bilad, AG Fane, TH Chong
Desalination 445, 75-84, 2018
Reduced graphene oxide/polyaniline conductive anion exchange membranes in capacitive deionisation process
Y Zhang, L Zou, Y Wimalasiri, JY Lee, Y Chun
Electrochimica Acta 182, 383-390, 2015
Pre-deposited dynamic membrane filtration–A review
A Anantharaman, Y Chun, T Hua, JW Chew, R Wang
Water research 173, 115558, 2020
Influence of hydrophobic and electrostatic membrane surface properties on biofouling in a submerged membrane bioreactor under different filtration modes
Y Chun, D Mulcahy, L Zou, IS Kim, P Le-Clech
Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (55), 26641-26647, 2016
Organic matter removal from a membrane bioreactor effluent for reverse osmosis fouling mitigation by microgranular adsorptive filtration system
Y Chun, T Hua, A Anantharaman, JW Chew, N Cai, M Benjamin, R Wang
Desalination 506, 115016, 2021
The influences of deposited silica nanoparticles on a forward osmosis membrane
Y Chun, D Mulcahy, IS Kim, L Zou
Desalination and Water Treatment 80, 18-26, 2017
Adhesion potential of bacteria retrieved from intake seawater and membrane biofilms on full-scale reverse osmosis desalination process
Y Chun, D Choi, D Kim, RW Lovitt, IS Chang
Desalination and Water Treatment 57 (55), 26629-26640, 2016
Influences of Combined Organic Fouling and Inorganic Scaling on Flux and Fouling Behaviors in Forward Osmosis
Y Chun, K Jeong, KH Cho
Membranes 10 (6), 115, 2020
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