Veli-Matti Pakanen
Veli-Matti Pakanen
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צוטט על ידי
Unexpected diversity in socially synchronized rhythms of shorebirds
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Nest predation and trampling as management risks in grazed coastal meadows
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Population genetic structure in the Temminck’s stint Calidris temminckii, with an emphasis on Fennoscandian populations
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Different ultimate factors define timing of breeding in two related species
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Larval melanism in a geometrid moth: promoted neither by a thermal nor seasonal adaptation but desiccating environments
P Välimäki, SM Kivelä, J Raitanen, VM Pakanen, E Vatka, MI Mäenpää, ...
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Phylogeography of the Temminck’s Stint (Calidris temminckii): historical vicariance but little present genetic structure in a regionally endangered Palearctic wader
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Low population viability in small endangered orchid populations: Genetic variation, seedling recruitment and stochasticity
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Estimating sex specific apparent survival and dispersal of Little Ringed Plovers (Charadrius dubius)
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No strong effects of leg-flagged geolocators on return rates or reproduction of a small long-distance migratory shorebird
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Modelling golden eagle habitat selection and flight activity in their home ranges for safer wind farm planning
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Migration strategies of the Baltic dunlin: rapid jump migration in the autumn but slower skipping type spring migration
VM Pakanen, T Jaakkonen, J Saarinen, N Rönkä, RL Thomson, K Koivula
Journal of Avian Biology 49 (1), jav-01513, 2018
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