Esther Klann
Esther Klann
Lecturer for Engineering Mathematics, University of Applied Sciences Merseburg
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צוטט על ידי
צוטט על ידי
Regularization by fractional filter methods and data smoothing
E Klann, R Ramlau
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A Mumford-Shah level-set approach for the inversion and segmentation of SPECT/CT data
E Klann, R Ramlau, W Ring
Inverse Problems & Imaging 5 (1), 137, 2011
A Mumford–Shah-like method for limited data tomography with an application to electron tomography
E Klann
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E Klann, P Maass, R Ramlau
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E Klann, ET Quinto, R Ramlau
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On fractional Tikhonov regularization
D Gerth, E Klann, R Ramlau, L Reichel
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Numerical methods for the design of gradient-index optical coatings
SW Anzengruber, E Klann, R Ramlau, D Tonova
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E Klann, R Ramlau, L Reichel
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Shrinkage versus deconvolution
E Klann, M Kuhn, DA Lorenz, P Maass, H Thiele
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Regularization Properties of Mumford--Shah-Type Functionals with Perimeter and Norm Constraints for Linear Ill-Posed Problems
E Klann, R Ramlau
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 6 (1), 413-436, 2013
Regularization of linear ill-posed problems in two steps: combination of data smoothing and reconstruction methods
E Klann
Universität Bremen, 2006
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PAMM: Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics 7 (1), 1050303-1050305, 2007
Tikhonov regularization with wavelet shrinkage for linear inverse problems
E Klann, P Maß, R Ramlau
Preprint, 2006
A Mumford–Shah-type approach to simultaneous reconstruction and segmentation for emission tomography problems with Poisson statistics
E Klann, R Ramlau, P Sun
Journal of Inverse and Ill-posed Problems 25 (4), 521-542, 2017
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